XSR 700: The Disruptive

The XSR700 “The Disruptive” was designed in France by Barbara Motorcycles, a specialist in Photoshop motorcycle designs. It won the #BackToTheDrawingBoard contest powered by Yamaha motors.

Bad Winners took up the challenge of building this particular YAMAHA XSR700 at its Parisian workshop.

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Our series are vehicles currently in production. Mostly limited edition, these motorcycles are based on a repeatable model. Customization options are limited to shorten delivery time and offer a must-have vehicle at a lower cost than a unique model.

A deposit of 60% is asking in the order of the motorcycle.


Let's build this bike
  • Yamaha XSR700 (NEW)
  • BW 2 in 1 Exhaust Pipes SC-Project CR-T Carbon
  • K&N RC232 Air Filters
  • Fiberglass bodywork
  • Leather Seat
  • BW Upper Triple Tree
  • BW Lower Triple Tree
  • Renthal Fat Bar handlebar
  • Renthal Grips
  • Oberon Mirror
  • Koso Thunderbolt Headlight
  • MT-09 SP Front Fork
  • MT-09 SP Front Wheel
  • MT-09 SP Front Calipers
  • Magura HC1
  • Master Cylinder
  • BW Rear Wheel Cover
  • LSL Racing Footrest
  • YSS Rear Shock
  • BW Speedo
  • Complete painting