Royal Enfield 650

This kit is designed and handcrafted in France by the Bad Winners workshop with the support of Royal Enfield.



This Motokit is composed of four mini-kits:

. Front kit
. Seat kit
. Suspension kit
. Performance Kit

You can purchase the full Motokit or each mini kit separately.

Full Motokit

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The purpose of this kit is to optimize the performance of your 650 Twins and restore the mythical line of the first Royal Enfield Interceptor with a premium finish and a contemporary design.

This kit is composed of four mini-kits:
Front Kit - Seat kit - Suspension kit - Performance kit.

The Motokits are compatible with all Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650 bikes.

Front Kit

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For the Front Kit, we have designed and selected the best components on the market to bring a touch of finesse and fun to the whole front end of your Royal Enfield Interceptor & Continental GT 650 bikes.
Turn signals, BW headlight brackets, a Koso Thunderbolt headlight, a Motogadget Tiny speedo, handlebars, and BW custom pushbuttons are included in the Front Kit.

Seat Kit

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Pure or imitation leather, brown or black, the BW Seat is hand and homemade.

With a constant eye for detail, this kit also includes a custom BW fender and discreet replacement turn signals with increased indicator function visibility. We also offer a custom plate holder following the modifications made.

This kit is only sold as a pack, spare parts are not available individually.

Suspension Kit

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According to many comments, the 650 TWINS suspension is considered too soft for some people’s taste. This kit is designed to remedy that. We offer the choice between different rear suspensions such as Bitubo and YSS.

Performance Kit

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Unleash the full potential of your engine with this performance kit and give your 650 Twins a pleasant and harmonious sound.

This Performance Kit offers a choice of two different exhausts. We also provide a Dynojet Power Commander with a pre-configured map. This way, you can significantly increase your vehicle's HP for much-improved driving sensations. K&S air filters are also added to complete the combo!


How to mount the seat kit.

How to mount the Performance kit

How to mount the Suspension kit