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zero gravity 2.0

Limited edition € 29.990

Base Bike

CR 1200 Triumph







While remaining true to the Cafe Racer spirit, we have taken this bike's sporting dimension to a new level by removing everything that was not essential. The result is a vehicle with round, tapered lines that gives a new lease on life to this timeless model if ever there was one as well as turning it into a top High-Performance Racing machine.

The performance of the engine had been pushed from 97HP to 115HP by lightening the initial CR 1200. We replaced the camshaft, the intake and the exhaust and lowered the gravity center to make this vehicle as agile as a tiger.

We have revisited the ergonomics to satisfy the most demanding contemporary drivers. The seat has been optimized in order to make the drive position more comfortable. The cockpit has also been optimized by the replacement of the speedo meter by a digital TFT Display. Finally we added new push control buttons to make the navigation easier.

This quest for the perfect bike and the meticulous attention to detail we put into building the Gravity 2.0 custom bike is our humble tribute to one of the most remarkable Café Racers ever produced.

The Gravity 2.0 is on sale in a limited edition of 25 vehicles.


Carbs: OEM w/ Dynojet
Airfilters: K&N
Exhaust: SC Project
Headlight: Koso thunderbolt LED
Speedo: Bad Winners
Tires: DYMAG CA5 Carbon
Suspension: Öhlins

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