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Risers Gilles Tooling

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Revolutionary design effectively helps you find the perfect handlebar position for your ride

Risers offer adjustment possibilities and style never seen before thanks to their mobility up, down, front and back
Suitable for handlebars with 10.5mm holes
For 28.6 mm handlebars
Spacer bolts available for 22 mm handlebars
Adjustable forwards and backwards in 3.6 mm steps
Max range forwards and backwards: 25 mm (depending on the height adjustment and the tank of the motorcycle)
Adjustable up and down in 5 mm increments with spacer bolts
The max. of spacer bolts is five (depending on the bike)


Color / Finish: Black
Material: Aluminum
Type: Riser
Units: Room
Clamping diameter: 28,6 mm (1-1/8")