Charles Leclerc's 701 Vitpilen

Charles Leclerc's 701 Vitpilen

A few months after the release of The Apex 2.0, our custom Husqvarna 701 Vitpilen, we tell you the story of this bike ordered by Ferrari F1 driver Charles Leclerc.

And all started for our 701 Vitpilen Custom when…

Walid – Bad Winners founder –  It all started with a simple message on Instagram. A message from Charles Leclerc received on the Bad Winners account. At first I thought it was spam.

Charles told me: “Hello, I’ve been following you for a while, and I really like your motorcycles, would it be possible to make me one?”

 I replied, really surprised and quite not convinced that it really was Charles Leclerc: “Cool, here is my number, give me a call.”

Charles called me, it really was him. He told me that his favorite bike was “The Apex”, the FZS600 that I produced a few years ago, and that he would like to have this inspiration based on the 701 Vitpilen Husqvarna. Hence the resumption of this name “The Apex 2.0”. 

Main idea and first sketch

A few days after, the first lines were drawn giving the first shape to the custom bike, then I presented it to Charles, he said: “Ok, let’s do this”. So we started the project.

First, the main part of the work was the development of our own speedo.

Who never dreamed to be able to change their own speedo and handlebar controls without having to cut out the wiring of their motorcycle ? Especially on a current model such as the 701 Vitpilen. Indeed, modern motorcycles are real computers on wheels.

Thus we developed a motherboard to communicate with the ECU of the original machine without any change or alteration of the original harness. Also allowing you to change the handlebar controls by pushbutton switch.

Of course, all the original functions of the motorcycle from Husqvarna are kept such as the Traction Control, the ABS and the dynamic information of the vehicle.

3D printers helped us to design Charles’s 701 Vitpilen

For the 701 Vitpilen, the speedo is integrated directly into the upper triple tree.

Once this electronic work was done, we therefore started the actual manufacturing.
Once again, we worked on the shapes in 3D before launching our 3D printers to get our master parts ready for the manufacture of the molds.

Charles Leclerc wanted all the parts in carbon for it Vitpilen 701 custom, as well as the rims. As we generally work with Dymag in the UK, we asked them to manufacture it.
All other carbon trim parts were made in-house.

For the rear frame, we manufactured a tube frame, with a laser cut 1.5mm steel plate incorporating a rear light in CNC translucent red plexiglass with 4 integrated LEDs.
This rear module incorporates an Antigravity Small Case 8Cell battery.
The carbon rear shell is fitted with a custom-made leather saddle, manufactured in-house.

On the engine side, we eliminated the entire emission control system, and then we made a stainless steel fitting to drop the catalytic converter. So we asked SC-Project to do a CR-T Carbon output with a DB killer.
Thus, we had to reprogram the assembly using a Power Commander V.

Results and next steps after our Apex 2.0 Vitpilen 701 Custom

We reached a rather impressive result of around 85 CH for around 130kg, a relatively low weight in which carbon plays a huge part. 

This Husqvarna Apex 2.0 line, borned thanks to our great relations with our partners as Husqvarna Motorcycles, SC Project and Dymag, is also available in series with 4 possible preparations courses, a new Vitpilen 701 and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

Besides, this Bad Winners’s speedo will be available for the following models in the next few months :

– Husqvarna Vitpilen / Svartpilen 701

– Yamaha XSR 700 

– Triumph Thruxton 1200 / R 

– Triumph T120 Bonneville, Speed Twin 

– Triumph T100 

– Royal Enfield Continental GT, Interceptor 650