DIY Scrambler Ducati Gas Tank

DIY Scrambler Ducati Gas Tank

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Our DIY Scrambler Ducati Gas Tank is completly ready to bolt-on.
No need to do any changes. Your bike stays original and if you want to reverse, no problem, it comes back to what it was!
You don’t need an expert level to transform your bike and the Gas Tank fits all Scrambler Ducati from 2015-2019. All parts are handmade in France.

Fits on all Scrambler Ducati Models
Contact us if you need help!

The DIY Scrambler Ducat Gas Tank:
– Aluminium Fuel tank with approx. 8 liters fuel capacity
(You can use the stock fuel pump of your original gas tank)
– 1x Fiberglass or carbon fiber cover tank
– 2x Side panel black mat under the tank
– Manual + Video Tutorial
– All parts are painted and/or powdercoated

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