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Oberon Adjustable Handlebar Clamp Mirror

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Adjustable handlebar clamp mirror by Oberon Performance to fit either 7/8" or 1" handlebars. CNC machined from T6 billet aluminum and designed to provide the sleekest look. The mirror can fold through 130 degrees allowing the perfect setup and adjustments can be made easily, even whilst riding.

The mirror lens is the first surface chrome glass and automotive standard convex (Mirror glass has a spherical radius of 1260mm) giving superb visibility and weather resistance. The finish is a high-quality anodize that leaves a silky sheen that will retain its looks years afterlife of the road.

The adjustable handlebar clamp mirror can be mounted just about anywhere on the handlebar. Additionally, the design allows a bar-end installation in conjunction with Oberon's bar-end indicators for a totally unique and complete bar-end solution. Simply measure the external diameter of the handlebars and select the size(s) best suited. Full installation instructions are included with every purchase and technical support and advice can be sought directly from Oberon Performance.


Color: Black
Weight: 163g
Width of handlebar clamp mount: 13mm
Oblong dimensions: 105mm x 58mm