Zero Gravity 2.0

While remaining true to the Cafe Racer spirit, we have taken the sporting dimension of this bike to another level by removing everything that was not essential. The result is a vehicle with round, tapered lines that gives a new lease on life to this timeless model if ever there was, as well as a top High-Performance Racing machine.

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About Deposit

When we start a project, we need first to buy the bike you want custom. Then we build and buy parts to start the project. Those two steps already represent 80% of what you pay. The deposit covers all the cost to build.


  • Koso Thunderbolt headlight
  • Carbon headlight fairing
  • Koso LED rear light
  • Antigravity 8CELL
  • Leather seat
  • Carbon seat unit
  • Carbon tank
  • DYMAG CA5 (not exisiting anymore)
    Replace by Rotobox wheels
  • Termignoni Carbon wheels
  • Exhaust Pipes 2 in 1
  • SC-Project CR-T Carbon exhaust
  • BW Triple Tree
  • BW Dashboard
  • Renthal handlebar
  • Renthal grips
  • Motone Push Button
  • Power Commander V 
  • Free Spirit Air Filters
  • EVAP removal kit
  • Lambda removal kit
  • Complete shinny coat
  • Powder coating