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The Skin Milk

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Base Bike

2015 Kawasaki W650






€20.390 (Bike Included)

The concept behind this bike was to create a clean, minimalistic look that focused as much as possible on raw metal textures, clean welding, and simple lines. I mixed stainless steel, aluminum and steel to completely recreate the bike's subframe. The suspension points have been redesigned and the central beam was replaced with a round one to adapt to the Yamaha DT 250 tank. The bottom of the tank was also adapted to fit on the frame and the engine. There’s no paint on the frame, fenders or suspension. I kept the raw look of the metals to achieve the simple ruggedness of my concept. The off white color was used only on the tank and on the headlight, giving it the name “Skin Milk”.


Carbs: OEM w/ Dynojet
Airfilters: K&N
Exhaust: Spark MotoGP
Headlight: Custom box/LED
Speedo: Motogadget Tiny
Tires: MT60 RS Corsa
Suspension: YSS Ecoline

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